Wixen Music UK New Signing Alexis Kings!

Alexis Kings are one of the most prominent acts to emerge from the United Kingdom, with their slick sound, contagious energy and electric showmanship.
Alexis Kings’ delivery is that of quintessential British Rock & Roll with a contemporary undertone made up of catchy hooks and melodic vocals.

Based out of St. Albans, Brendan Aherne, Sam Privett and Fabio Bocca are Alexis Kings. The independent release of their debut EP catapulted the debut single, ’Squire’ to multiple Top 10 streaming charts and playlists. ‘Squire’ blazed a trail that’s still garnering attention and streams ranging from the heart of Australia’s top radio networks to the Los Angeles music scene.

This year has seen sold out shows, global televised appearances and network performances on ‘BBC’, Channel 4 and ‘London Live’. With exciting new music on the horizon, the Kings’ trajectory will continue to ascend into 2020!

Check out the music video for “Velvet”: