Weekly catalogue highlight: Aimee Mann (Fintage House)

Born September 8, 1960, in Richmond, Virginia, Aimee Mann dropped out of the Berklee College of Music to join a punk band. She co-found ‘Til Tuesday’ a new-wave band that found success with its first album, Voices Carry. The title track would become an MTV favorite, propelling Mann and the band into the spotlight. It wasn’t long before Mann struck out on her own, though, leaving the band behind for a solo career.

Aimee’s song “Save Me” from the Magnolia soundtrack was nominated for an Oscar and a Grammy, and she went on to record several solo albums including The Forgotten Arm and Charmer amongst others.

Albums include;

Magnolia – Music from the Motionpicture (1999)
Bachelor No. 2 (2000)
Lost in Space (2002)
Live at St. Ann’s Warehouse (2004)
The Forgotten Arm (2005)
One More Drifter In The Snow (2006)
#%&Smilers (2008)
Charmer (2012)


Listen to her song “Freeway” on the link below: