The WOMEX 16 Artist Award Goes to…Calypso Rose!

The great singer CALYPSO ROSE signed by Because Music won the WOMEX Award this year !

The WOMEX Awards recognise outstanding artistry, professionalism and contribution to the arts sector, and Calypso Rose been a pioneered force in her field since the 1950s.

Equally regarded as a composer, a singer and an activist, Calypso Rose has received numerous awards and titles and won all relevant competitions. It was for her that the ‘Calypso King’ competition was changed to the gender-neutral ‘Calypso Monarch’.

At WOMEX 16, Rose will perform live as the closing act of entire event, together with musicians of one of today’s most successful calypso groups, Kobo Town (Canada/Trinidad & Tobago). Their appearance is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.