Sanremo Festival 2017 winner: Occidentali’s Karma

We are glad to inform you about our involvement in the song OCCIDENTALI’S KARMA by Francesco Gabbani, who won the Sanremo Festival 2017.
This singing competition is a massive show in terms of audience, popularity and gives the possibility to its participants to make known their works also abroad. That’s what happened to the winner Francesco Gabbani, since it seems his funny video OCCIDENTALI’S KARMA,where he dances with an ape, has reached more than 4 million views on the internet in a few days, becoming a great success and entering several digital charts in many countries (Malta, Greece, Switzerland, Poland, France, Sweden and others). He will indeed represent Italy at the next Eurovision song contest 2017 in Kiev, with this very track, that you can find at the following link. We hope you like it!