Peermusic Presents: Theme Park – Is This How It Starts?

Coming four years after their self-titled debut album, North London trio Theme Park embrace a new independent spirit, a bold sense of defiance and a fearless pop-fuelled vision with their second album ‘Is This How It Starts?’. The album is set for release today via Republic of Music.

The album bursts into life with ‘You Are Real’, a song which tops swirling psychedelic pop and tropical, world music-tinged grooves with a chorus that’s both confidently immediate and atmospherically ethereal. That irrepressible sense of elation is also prevalent in ‘Something Good’, a track that prompted DIY to draw comparisons with Jungle and Jai Paul.

Whether exploring vibrant disco vibes on ‘Dancing With The Other Girls’ or moodier 80s pop on ‘10AM’, Theme Park exude a bright and buoyant soundscape layered with elastic bass, luminous guitars and rich array of synths. That summery concoction stands particularly proudly in the recent single ‘I’ll Do Anything’.
“Superbly contagious” – Clash

“A cracking piece of indie-electro-pop” – Shortlisten

“plinkety cool grooves” – Noisey

“Aiming for soaring pop twist-turns, it’s one of Theme Park’s boldest efforts to date.” – DIY