Out now “Notturno”, “La moglie più bella”, “Così come sei”

Out now the reissues of 3 cult soundtracks by Goblin and Ennio Morricone, including previously unreleased tracks

From the 30th of june 2017 the cd reissues of three cult soundtracks produced by Cinevox Record will be available in record stores: Notturno by Goblin, Così come sei and La moglie più bella by Ennio Morricone. The three production were remastered. Notturno and La moglie più bella include previously unreleased material.

Notturno (The spy connection) is a spy movie directed in 1983 by Gianni Bontempi. The soundtrack by Goblin mixes electronic and progressive element, persistent rhythms and soft themes.
In Così come sei, Ennio Morricone gives a perfect background to the emotional atmosphere of Alberto Lattuada’s movie with a romantic and moving soundtrack, characterized by soft and sensual tracks. In La moglie più bella the Maestro once again collaborates with singer Edda Dell’Orso. He also works with instrument that recall Sicily, were the story takes place.

The cd are distributed by PickUp Records.