Nicolas Jaar released a new album Cenizas

Today Nicolas Jaar has released his fifth solo album ‘Cenizas’.
This follows on from his Against All Logic release last month, very productive time for Nico!
‘Spanish for “ashes,” Cenizas is about a characteristic as it gets for the production mastermind. Rather than delving into avant-pop as he has through his collaborative efforts, the album presents itself as a cryptic study of sound that drifts as if powdery ash would.
Guided by quality just as much as experimentation, Jaar delivers somber tones throughout the crux of the record, sprinkling his hazy vocals and hums onto various tracks like lead single “Sunder,” “Vanish,” “Menysid,” title track “Cenizas,” “Mud,” and more. There’s overwhelming attention to detail on the production end (as one would expect), with textural electronic underlays, expertly-crafted instrumentation, and downtempo vignettes gracing the entirety of Cenizas, prompting an artisanal development of Jaar’s unpredictable exploration of all things aural.’ – Hypebeast