New signing: Clodagh Simonds Joins Mute Song

IDM Music & Mute Song is delighted to announce the signing of the musician, songwriter and singer Clodagh Simonds.

Clodagh Simonds’ career began with the now-legendary Irish psych-folk band Mellow Candle at the age of 15, and sessions for 70s icons Thin Lizzy and Mike Oldfield, but by her late twenties, she had begun to find silence as compelling as sound, and so went a little quiet.. . . . .

Relocating to New York for a decade, she worked on theatre music for a couple of productions at La Mama ETC, and immersed herself in music of other cultures.

In 1999 she was once again heard singing Syd Barrett’s setting of the James Joyce poem “Golden Hair” on Russell Mills/Undark’s album Pearl & Umbra, and she hasn’t stopped since.

Stephen Malkmus covered her 1970 song Poet & The Witch on the e.p. “Dark Wave” in 2003, and more recently, she has sung for Current 93, Matmos and Steven Wilson.

Since 2005 she has been busy with an extraordinary cast of characters (including Brian Eno, Colin Potter, Roger Doyle, Julia Kent, Kate Ellis, Carter Burwell, Robert Fripp, Michael Begg, Laura Sheeran, Cora Venus Lunny – and the list goes on….) who aid and abet her recordings under the collective name of Fovea Hex.