Mute Song: Laura Cannell – Hunter Huntress Hawker

Laura Cannell releases ’Hunter Huntress Hawker’, her fourth solo release which follows her critically acclaimed albums Simultaneous Flight Movement (2016), Beneath Swooping Talons (2015) and Quick Sparrows Over the Black Earth (2014).

Hunter Huntress Hawker features 11 tracks and was recorded live in single takes in the semi ruined church of Covehithe, which sits on a fast eroding cliff on the Suffolk Coast. The tracks are improvisations inspired by a performance at a secret location in a London mansion, an installation of sound, light and a live horse.

The violin gave voice to the stallion, it’s warm breath separated from it’s body, but this near literal interpretation soon shifted into the outside world, into a game of hide and seek, of leaping over fallen trees and hiding under sodden branches.

Laura has created flashes of action and daydreams imagined from the perspective of the beast, the humans are chasing and pulling at him in different directions, but the focus flits from the animal as the hunter, to the human as hunter, they make sharp turns and change the game, trampling paths through dense woodlands. Fragments of memories, of dewy breath, the feel of rain on skin, on fur, and of daylight flickering through thick foliage littered with pollen flecks that take us towards a place where we can breath deeply again.