Mute Song: Godflesh – Post Self

Over 2 years in the making, ‘Post Self’ explores the less ‘metal’ side of Godflesh; taking in the formative influences, and spitting out something more informed by late 70’s early 80’s post punk and industrial than it is anything metal related.

Thematically personal and obsessive, exploring anxiety, depression, fear, mortality, and family relationships.

“The harsh intensity of Godflesh’s sound is coupled with themes that deal with anxiety, depression, fear and mortality, as well as paternal and maternal relationships, which add a whole other layer to the album’s dark atmosphere. Even though Post Self is a masterful release from two musicians who seem to be incapable of creating anything short of exquisite” – 9/10

“a couple spins of Post Self should convince you that Green and Broadrick continue to have important ideas” – 4/5
Metal sucks

“summons the sound of overt moroseness as it confronts the darker side of human emotion via a vast expanse of forlorn sounds.” – 7.5/10
Metal Injection