Mute / Mute Song: ShadowParty – Celebrate

ShadowParty have announced their debut single “Celebrate”.

ShadowParty are a band united by a fairly unusual circumstance each member is a latter-day addition to a huge band. The nucleus of the group formed when Josh Hager (The Rentals / Devo) and Tom Chapman (Bad Lieutenant/New Order) met in Boston, Massachusetts. Completing the group are Phil Cunningham (Marion /  New Order) and drummer Jeff Friedl (Devo)

Newly signed to Mute, ShadowParty’s debut – recorded in Boston, LA & Manchester is an album that nods to those groups but exists in its own right entirely, a synth-pop album with guitars and strings.

Their first track, ‘Celebrate’ is an uplifting and lush slice of guitar driven power pop!