Her joins Because Editions

For as much as the story of Her is about tragedy and triumph, it’s really about two friends—Victor Solf and Simon Carpentier. who formed in 2015. Success followed quickly with the breakout “Five Minutes” soundtracked Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign and  eventually  generated  over  6.7  million  Spotify  streams.  The  duo released a pair of EPs Her Tape #1 and Her Tape #2, spawning fan favorites such as “Quite Like,” “Union” and  “Her”  and  amassing  over  20  million  cumulative  Spotify  streams. Merging  artfully  seductive  and provocative visuals and dreamy newer wavepop with a jazz undercurrent, the boys crisscrossed the globe in support of the EPs. In the middle of it all, unbeknownst to anyone but those closest to him, Simon lost a long, quiet, and arduous battle with cancer in August 2017. Fittingly, HER introduce their forthcoming record with “We Choose.” in december. On the 2017 single, airy production gives way to a lithe and subtle groove before the smoky vocals take hold. Immediately, Simon’s presence  becomes striking. As the band launches this next chapter , HER remains forever a testament to the bond between its two architects.