David Bowie: Gentleman, hero and immortal legend!

David Bowie: Gentleman, hero and immortal legend!

From stardust we are born. And to stardust we return

Just as the new year shined brightly with the release of his new album ‘Blackstar’, a few days later came a shock – David Bowie died at the age of 69, after an 18-month long, courageous battle with cancer.

But only now after he left us, it became clear that the new album was his final, farewell message to all of us – his fans, and loved ones…all people in the world.

Look up here, I’m in Heaven, I’ve got scars that can not be seen….everybody knows me now…‘, – taken from Lazarus, the second single on ‘Blackstar’.

Mad genius, fashion icon, role model musician and inspiration to many; superhuman, spaceman, rock’n’roll chameleon, innovator, he was called by so many names, and was shamelessly good in at making music that he so generously shared with us, music that changed many people’s lives and it is not a surprise that his death made such a huge impact on everybody living on planet Earth.

But we are definitely sure of one thing – David wouldn’t want us to cry over his death, but to celebrate him through his music, so we made a playlist with some of his songs that marked our lives here.

In the end the true legends such as David Bowie will never ever die!

Bon voyage mr. Spaceman, we hope that Heaven will appreciate your music just as much as we do!