Creams: The coolest new artist you’ve never heard of

Tbilisi-based artist Natia Chichinadze aka Creams started writing songs when she was 14 and has since developed her sound into magnetic, brooding, subversive pop that is inspired in part by her politically and emotionally radical and avant-garde home country of Georgia. A fashion and cultural icon in her home territory, Creams speaks 4 different languages and has a powerful sense of her own abilities. Her creativity comes from instinct, and she insists that the circumstances of her generation prepared her for battle.

Driving every aspect of the songwriting process is paramount to Creams. She writes, plays and produces all of her records from concept to master, and spends her spare hours hacking plugins and tirelessly hustling to make her records come to life. Through her prism, soundwaves become refracted colors, lyrics are dark mantras and her ethereal attitude glides above celestial melodies and lightweight beats.

On defining her own music, Natia says, “It’s difficult. It’s very subconscious, I never think about what to call it. It somehow builds up in yourself from meeting different people or reading different books. And then you just transform it into waveforms.”  The resulting songs bore deep into the skull and stick to skin like sweet, gluey glitter. There’s no escape from the enchanting rapture of Creams’ music, though it’s well worth the fight.