Bixio Music in the movie “Assassination Nation”

The tense and uneasy theme written for the score of the Italian giallo movie “Bird With The Crystal Plumage” by the maestro ‪Ennio Morricone‬, came to it’s revival almost 4 decades later, in the new black comedy thriller “Assassination Nation”. The song was used throughout the movie in 4 different scenes, as well as for its official trailer.

The movie directed by Sam Levinson premiered in the United States on September 22. Treating the issues of mysoginy, toxic masculinity, revenge and the troubles that teenage years and the internet bring, Assassination Nation also contains elements of horror, which makes the score of the “Bird With The Crystal Plumage” a perfect fit for it.

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Exclusive: Goblin’s PROFONDO ROSSO Gets Rap Remix From DJ Tomo and Masta Ace

Dario Argento’s 1975 giallo Deep Red (aka Profondo Rosso) has, over the years, become a cult classic and a beloved entry in the director’s filmography. The story of a medium teaming up with a pianist who investigate a series of grisly murders, Deep Red has earned its place as one of the great Italian horror movies.

For many, one of the great aspects of the film is the score by Goblin, who provided music for many of Argento’s other titles. Today, we’re bringing you a reimagining of the film’s main title theme done by DJ Tomo with rapper Masta Ace. Tomo’s aim was to create a, “…compact and moody musical dose of urban decay.”

DJ Tomo explains, “It was really a coincidence. I’m a huge fan of Goblin’s music and I was working with a drummer in my studio who started messing with the beat from the original theme from Profondo Rosso. Masta Ace happened to be in town performing and everything just clicked into place very rapidly. My wife happens to be friend with members of Goblin so we got the track to them and received their blessing.”

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BIXIO MUSIC in one of the best movies of the year – “CALL ME BY YOUR NAME”


The movie that is named one of American Film Institute’s Top 10 Films of the Year, Luca Guadagnino’s romantic coming-of-age drama “Call Me By Your Name” is finally coming to theaters across the world and we are more than proud that one of the songs in the movie’s soundtrack is Bixio song “E’ la vita” by Marco Armani.

The movie premiered almost a year ago on Sundance Film Festival but it has just now seen the distribution in selected cinemas.
Last week, at the 90 Academy Awards the movie received 4 prestigious nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor (Chalamet), Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Song, while it already won Best Adapted Screenplay at the 23rd Critics’ Choice Awards.

The story set up in Northern Italy in 1983 is based on the 2007 eponymous novel by Andre Aciman and it tells a first love story of 17-year old Elio.
The music for the film was composed by Sufjan Stevens, but one of the songs of the original motion picture soundtrack is Marco Armani’s song  “E’ La Vita” from the Bixio Music catalogue. The Italian singer- songwriter Marco Armani ranked 10th with this song in at the Sanremo festival in 1983, the same year in which the movie’s story was set, and since then it has become one of the classics of the Italian canzona genre.

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Aziz Ansari wins Golden Globe for the TV series “MASTER OF NONE” that contains 6 BIXIO songs

The 75th Golden Globe Awards took place last night in Beverly Hills honoring the best in film and American television of 2017.

Among several respected winning actors, the comedian Aziz Ansari won the award for the best leading performance in a TV comedy for his role in a web television series “Master of None” and thus became the first Asian male actor to with this award.

The critically acclaimed show was created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, writer and producer of the sitcom “Parks and Recreation” and it instantly received favorable reviews, millions of fans and multiple awards and nominations.
The quality of the series has also been praised for the great music supervision and selection, which now also includes 6 Bixio songs in episodes 1 & 2 of the latest season.
The lovable compositions of the crown Bixio composers Ennio Morricone and Piero Umiliani take part in the continuation of the story about the main character Dev’s journey through life.

IDM Music & Bixio licensed the following themes: “5 Bambole Per La Luna D’Agosto” (Umiliani), “Alla Luce Del Giorno” (Morricone), “Sauna” (Morricone), “E Facile” (Morricone), “Mesa Verde – version 3 (Morricone)” and the famous film theme “Assoluto naturale” (Morricone) from the eponymous Italian movie.

Bixio Music catalogue has been recently used for several american TV projects and movies, including the movies “Split”, “Past Forward”, “Spookers”, TV series “Scream Queens”, “Patriot” and many more. The songs from Bixio Music have also been sampled for last singles “1 Night” by Mura Masa & Charli XCX and “God’s Son” by J. Cole.
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