Big hit “YOU AND ME” remixed after 40 years and placed in Vodafone ad

Since late October 2018, a Vodafone spot has been running (for the Netherlands only) using a new version of our copyright “YOU AND ME” (Ellert Driessen) by the Dutch band Spargo.

We’re proud to inform you that the making of this commercial has been viewed on YouTube well over 4 million times!

You can watch the documentary through this link:

The remix was made by the composer’s daughter (Ellert Driessen, the male vocalist of the band) and the track was released as a single in the Netherlands by Red Bullet.

“You and Me” was the debut single of Dutch band Spargo, the core members being singer Ellert Driessen and Lilian Day Jackson.

The song was released early 1980, catapulted to #1 in the charts and became the best selling single of that year.

And it didn’t end there: “You and Me” became a massive hit in Germany, France and huge in Italy!

Following a documentary about the rise and fall of disco “You and Me” was voted “Best Dutch Disco Classic Ever” by VARA TV Magazine in 2013.

Nearly 40 years after the initial release, record label Red Bullet is releasing a remix of this song, created by Driessen’s daughter: Jazzi Bobbi.

Jazzi Bobbi, residing in London, has been working as a Songwriter/Producer/Multi-instrumentalist for a number of years. She performs live on a regular basis and she hosts a monthly radio show.

Through this remix she is following the footsteps of her father…

And… the first commercial success is already a fact, as per this upcoming Monday the song will be heard as the tune to feature in the new Vodafone commercial, in which both Spargo and Jazzi Bobbi will make an appearance!

Old times revive, in this new and cool release!

You and Me – Spargo vs Jazzi Bobbi is now available for streaming and can be downloaded through a.o.Spotify and iTunes!

Nanada owns 100% of the song.