Beggars Music New Release | Alice Boman I Dreams

Returning from a self-imposed musical exile following a triumphant run of early releases, haunted Swedish songwriter Alice Boman brings forth new single ‘Dreams’. A bleary-eyed, emotion-packed reflection on the dissolution of hope, it’s a track that’s strengthened by the silence it emerges from. “You need to take a break from it,” says Alice, looking back on her whirlwind early rise. “It really does help. It’s all about listening to your gut.”

Penning her first EPs while sitting by her grandparents old piano, with nothing but a handheld voice recorder to hand, Alice’s first two releases – 2013’s Skisser EP and 2014’s EP II – were a document of her innermost emotions, pieced together in the sanctum of her teenage home. “They weren’t even finished, to my ears,” Alice smiles of those first few pieces, “they were just sketches.” Prominent television features on shows including Transparent, Suits, Being Human and Catfish, and feature film inclusion on Paper Towns only furthered the reach of those first two EPs, and in turn fed into her own inspirations.

‘Dreams’ finds Alice Boman ready to return to the musical fray. Taking forty more sketches out to a countryside retreat to whittle down, she emerged with a collection of her strongest, most emotionally potent work to date. ‘Dreams’ is the first taster of that work – fittingly, it was also the first track Alice wrote in the wake of those EPs’ wild success and it will be released via Platoon in the UK.