Because Editions signs Parisian producer MYTH SYZER

In the past few years, Myth Syzer has developed different projects and became a well-established producer in the rap world, on a national and international level. Kaytranada, A$AP Ferg, Perrion, Slim Dollars, Damso, Hamza and french rapper Joke have already asked him for beats.

By means of Brodinski, he recently also collaborated with Atlanta’s local rap scene with the mixtape ‘
Young Slime Season‘. Besides his production work for his crew Bon Gamin, he’s also a prolific solo artist that released an EP on the late Bromance Records.

He invited ‘family’ members Bonnie Banane, Ichon and Muddy Monk for ‘Le Code’, the first track of the Bisous EP that is set to be released in Fall 17 on Animal63. An unexpected turn of events for this talented musician and producer releasing a french love song. ‘Le Code’ relates ambiguous and complex friendship-love stories in a retro pop atmosphere. The music video was directed by Julia & Vincent and produced by Frenzy Paris.

Watch the video to the song “Le Code” below: