Creams: The coolest new artist you’ve never heard of

Tbilisi-based artist Natia Chichinadze aka Creams started writing songs when she was 14 and has since developed her sound into magnetic, brooding, subversive pop that is inspired in part by her politically and emotionally radical and avant-garde home country of Georgia. A fashion and cultural icon in her home territory, Creams speaks 4 different languages and has a powerful sense of her own abilities. Her creativity comes from instinct, and she insists that the circumstances of her generation prepared her for battle.

Driving every aspect of the songwriting process is paramount to Creams. She writes, plays and produces all of her records from concept to master, and spends her spare hours hacking plugins and tirelessly hustling to make her records come to life. Through her prism, soundwaves become refracted colors, lyrics are dark mantras and her ethereal attitude glides above celestial melodies and lightweight beats.

On defining her own music, Natia says, “It’s difficult. It’s very subconscious, I never think about what to call it. It somehow builds up in yourself from meeting different people or reading different books. And then you just transform it into waveforms.”  The resulting songs bore deep into the skull and stick to skin like sweet, gluey glitter. There’s no escape from the enchanting rapture of Creams’ music, though it’s well worth the fight.


Synch Fresh Up Special: Run The Jewels

Run the Jewels, aka RTJ, is an American hip hop super group duo consisting of rapper-producer El-P and rapper Killer Mike. They released their self-titled debut studio album as a free download in 2013, to critical acclaim. This was followed by Run the Jewels 2 in 2014, Run the Jewels 3 in 2016, and RTJ4 in 2020, all of which received similar acclaim.
On their fourth instalment, Killer Mike and El-P are back to tune up the ruling class and the racist police state. This time streamlining the process and settling into their most natural rhythm with unique collaborations with the likes of 2Chainz, Pharrell Williams, Zack de la Rocha and Greg Nice.

It was released digitally through their own Jewel Runners imprint via BMG Rights Management and immediately received widespread acclaim from critics debuting at #10 in the US Billboard 200, their first top 10 album ever. The album was supported by three singles: “Yankee and the Brave (Ep. 4)”, “Ooh La La”, and “Just”.​

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New Signing: Fiona Apple

Downtown now represents the music of Fiona Apple, including all of her studio albums to date: her 1996 debut, Tidal, featuring ’90s classics like “Sleep to Dream” and “Criminal”; her celebrated 1999 sophomore LP, When the Pawn…; 2005’s Extraordinary Machine; her acclaimed 2012 album, The Idler Wheel…; and this year’s “unyielding masterpiece” (Pitchfork), Fetch the Bolt Cutters.


Wu-Tang Clan Catalog Moves Downtown

Up from the 36 Chambers, straight from the rugged lands of Shaolin, the Wu-Tang Clan catalog has moved Downtown. That is to say, hey’ve signed a deal with Wu-Tang Productions to represent its interest in the legendary hip-hop group’s songbook — including music from their seminal debut, Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, as well as Wu-Tang Forever, The WIron Flag, and more.

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