Company History


IDM Music was established in Germany in 1988. The company handled video and audio productions throughout former Yugoslavia.


IDM Music ltd. opened branches in Zagreb (Ex Yugoslavia) and Italy, c/o Bixio Music group. IDM was the first privately owned Music Company in the territory of ex-Yugoslavia. The company co-owned one the most renowned recording & video studios in Croatia called SIM Studios, which was involved in 80% of Yugoslav music production, having sold approximately 20 million records.


A New York City branch opened in 1992. The Company’s main focus became Music Publishing, specialized in the utilization of back catalogue. IDM/Bixio became known as the “Italian Connection,” because of its representation of 80% of Italian Indies.


IDM became involved in the region by:

-Educating the local Music, Film & TV Industry about “Music Publishing.” Explaining the various rights involved in Music licensing, protected copyrights, Intellectual rights etc.
-Generating catalogue awareness.
-Generating additional revenues through Sync licenses for foreign catalogues, while working on pushing through new legislation that would benefit publishers
-Working on setting up proper payment structures and management of other intellectual rights such as Mechanicals & Performing rights etc.


IDM d.o.o. became BMG Music International’s sub-publishers for the region, thus adding a major independent to it’s catalogue previously comprising of Peer Music, Bixio Music Group and a number of independent Italian publishers.
Though IDM’s main priority is to market and promote international catalogues, IDM is strongly focused on establishing proper intellectual rights revenue distribution and protection by setting the standards within the territory that would comply with the International community.

Through its business connections, IDM achieved some major milestones during its first year of business, setting standards of which all publishers & writers in the region have benefited and ensured a higher level of protection of intellectual property.

Working closely with HDS/ZAMP, IDM Music has made a major contribution towards the implementation and procurement of the new Copyright and Related Rights Act passed in 2003.

2005 – present

IDM Music Publishing is now an established music publisher focused on developing music publishing by maximizing exposure and usage rather than functioning simply as a collection agency.

It has gained a national & international reputation for placement (local & in the USA) of Music in Motion Pictures, TV Advertisement as well as actively pursuing alternative channels of revenue, such as granting back catalogue songs for sample usage to the hip hop community: i.e. G Unit, Beck, Keith Murray, Kill Bill 2, Lloyd Banks, TI, Redman etc. IDM also licenses songs and compiles compilations for other companies.

IDM became the first publisher in the territory who had in place paid blanket licenses for pop and library catalogues.
IDM music has gained access to previously unexploited fields of revenue and solicited alternative uses of the music under IDM’s control.
IDM’s President Tomo in der Muhlen held Region wide lectures on Music Publishing and Intellectual right clearances for Industry Professionals to create awareness and establish publishers’ presence to reduce illicit usage and fight piracy.
IDM Music established relationships with the major telecoms, such as T-com and Vodafone and other ring tone providers. It fought to set standards and managed to secure a 18% adaptation fee for monophonic and polyphonic ring tones.
IDM moved on to assist in setting up local Musical Downloads, and became the first company to offer their catalogue for digital download – we believe that making music more accessible to the public will help us fight piracy.
In 2006, IDM’s production branch won the Croatian TV awards for the best TV show opener.
2007 brought IDM Music further international recognition, by winning the ASCAP award for the Best Regional Mexican Song, Volvere.
IDM Music is currently the major independent publisher in the region, continuing to expand its international as well as local catalogue.

With an already established position as the leader in TV and film placement, IDM Music is now intensifying its focus on exploring alternative revenue options, such as local covers of international repertoire, premiums and sales through newspapers and digital stores.

IDM specialized in:

Placement in Film TV & Advertisement
Copyright Restoration of Italian copyrights that fell into the PD in the USA

Currently IDM Music NY represents/manages copyrights of over 20,000 foreign and domestic songs.
Functioning as a Rights Clearance Agency in the USA for Croatian Production Companies, IDM saw an opportunity in a virgin territory to develop music publishing, hence the opening of IDM d.o.o. in 2003