Bixio Music in the movie “Assassination Nation”

The tense and uneasy theme written for the score of the Italian giallo movie “Bird With The Crystal Plumage” by the maestro ‪Ennio Morricone‬, came to it’s revival almost 4 decades later, in the new black comedy thriller “Assassination Nation”. The song was used throughout the movie in 4 different scenes, as well as for its official trailer.

The movie directed by Sam Levinson premiered in the United States on September 22. Treating the issues of mysoginy, toxic masculinity, revenge and the troubles that teenage years and the internet bring, Assassination Nation also contains elements of horror, which makes the score of the “Bird With The Crystal Plumage” a perfect fit for it.

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Click here if you want to hear an entire OST of “Bird  With The Crystal Plumage” composed by Ennio Morricone:!explorer?b=4206759

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