Exclusive: Goblin’s PROFONDO ROSSO Gets Rap Remix From DJ Tomo and Masta Ace

Dario Argento’s 1975 giallo Deep Red (aka Profondo Rosso) has, over the years, become a cult classic and a beloved entry in the director’s filmography. The story of a medium teaming up with a pianist who investigate a series of grisly murders, Deep Red has earned its place as one of the great Italian horror movies.

For many, one of the great aspects of the film is the score by Goblin, who provided music for many of Argento’s other titles. Today, we’re bringing you a reimagining of the film’s main title theme done by DJ Tomo with rapper Masta Ace. Tomo’s aim was to create a, “…compact and moody musical dose of urban decay.”

DJ Tomo explains, “It was really a coincidence. I’m a huge fan of Goblin’s music and I was working with a drummer in my studio who started messing with the beat from the original theme from Profondo Rosso. Masta Ace happened to be in town performing and everything just clicked into place very rapidly. My wife happens to be friend with members of Goblin so we got the track to them and received their blessing.”

You can follow DJ Tomo through his website or on Twitter.